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David  Schorlemer
8815 Tranquil Park Dr. Spring Texas 77379 United States
My grandfather served in the Air Force as did my father. He gave me the book 'Into the Mouth of the Cat' by Malcolm McConnell which is a story of Captain Sijan's heroism in Vietnam. I am now reading the book to my 10 year old son in hopes that he will grow to know the story of Captain Sijan. God Bless him and his family.
Dec 15, 2014

Distinguished  Flying Cross
Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded for actions during the Vietnam War The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 2, 1926, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to First Lieutenant Lance Peter Sijan (AFSN: AF-16419378/F-80654/3537K), United States Air Force, for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as the Pilot of an F-4C 'Phantom II' tactical jet fighter over North Vietnam on 22 August 1967. On that date, Lieutenant Sijan voluntarily risked his life in striking a heavily defended storage area. Despite heavy ground fire, he participated in multiple passes to deliver flares and ordnance directly on the target. Undaunted by darkness, treacherous terrain, marginal weather, and determined defenses, Lieutenant Sijan dealt a telling blow to the hostile forces by denying them vital war material and petroleum products. The professional competence, aerial skill, and devotion to duty displayed by Lieutenant Sijan reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. Action Date: August 22, 1967 Service: Air Force Rank: First Lieutenant
Nov 9, 2014

Benjamin  Kellner
Lance Sijan's story was very humbling to read. He was a very courageous and selfless man, and has earned the respect and honor from numerous people because of his actions. My sympathies go out to all of those who have lost someone important to them because of war.
May 28, 2014

Brit  Nelson
I'm a student from RAHS and in my Modern US History class, we have a project in which we must research a soldier that died during the Vietnam War. I chose Lance Sijan and I am astounded by his courage and bravery. He truly died trying to defend our country, and may he rest in peace.
May 22, 2012

Frank  Emry
1571 Fulton Street Aurora CO 80010 usa
Memorial Day 2011
Dear Lance, of your story I know that it was said of how you desperately evaded capture in Vietnam, broke out of prison, and many other heroic acts. I have been a season ticket holder of Air Force football on and off for many years. The announcer(a chosen cadet), before the stunning jet fly over, would list some of the great achievements of past Academy graduates Lance P Sijan and the Medal of Honor were always the last statement made. They no longer make that announcement listing achievements or mentioning your name, but when I attend games, I still look for your plaque among all the other plaques in the sectional walkway. You still deserve the acclaim!
May 29, 2011

Dylan  McBee
In my Modern US History class, we have been learning about the Vietnam War and how it was a living hell for soldiers. When I researched Cpt. Sijan I had been amazed by his story. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that you sir are an American hero and an inspiration for us all. With highest regards and utmost respect, Dylan McBee.
May 23, 2011

Wayne  Erikson
Burlington NJ USA
I feel honored to have served in the same United States Air Force as Capt. Lance Sijan. I have read the book about his shootdown and capture 'Into the Eye of the Tiger' and have been an admirer for many years. May this hero rest in peace.
Apr 28, 2011

Kris  Reynolds
fellow citizen
362 Black Oak Canyon Lake Texas 78133 U.S.
I wore your POW/MIA bracelet for over 10 years.
I feel truly honored to have worn the bracelet with your name. I still have it and would love to return it to someone in your family or donate it to a memorial. You are still in my thoughts.
Mar 1, 2010

A  student
Hello I'm a student at Reedsburg Area High School and we are doing a project on a Vietnam Vet. After research I took one on the list and I was lucky enough to find Captain Sijan. I found his story to be aspiring. It gives people strength. I'm sorry for your lost. Thank you Captain Sijan for serving for our nation.
Jan 11, 2010

Mikel† Seidl

I am a high school student in Wisconsin and I selected Captain Sijan for a project we are doing. We are writing a paper on servicemen that were killed while serving in Vietnam. The story of Captain Sijanís fight to survive in Vietnam is one of Bravery, Valor, and Heroism. It is a true inspiration to future servicemen and women. I am planning on joining the Air Force when I get out of high school and his story made me sure of it. I am extremely grateful for what Captain Sijan did to uphold the freedom in this country. I am sorry for your loss. With Respect Mikel Seidl
Jan 11, 2010

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