• This is a very powerful search engine and will provide matches with very little input on your part.
  • Do not use a ' " ? - or any special characters.
  • If you get 'No Matches' then use less Information
  • In most cases only two info blocks need to be filled in. Most times all you need is the last name and first initial.
  • A summary list of names will be displayed for you to choose the correct name.
  • If you are not sure of the spelling, just try the first few letters by entering "smi" into the "Last Name" you would get all last names such as ' Smiley, Smith, etc. by entering "jo" into the "First Name" you would get all first/middle names such as ' John, Joe, Joseph, etc. Mc Farland or McFarland? Most names starting with Mc have a space in them. The same with names starting with O. Such as O'Brien or O Brien? The space or apostrophe may not be where you remember them. Military records sometimes show Brooklyn, New York as New York, New York etc. etc.
  • The database is large and very busy, some searches take longer
  • Try different variations of the name. Memory can fade after 40 years
  • This is a very large database and the server is very busy during peak hours
  • There are times when the server is down. This is beyond my control
  • Be creative in your efforts when searching. Only the first portion of a name/word or part of a date will return a list of matches, then you can then pick one you are looking for.
  • If your question is about events or activities at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washinton DC the address you want is on the information page.
  • If you want a rubbing made at the Wall and can't do it yourself the address to contact is on the information page.
  • If you have a question about the Traveling Wall the URL for there website is on the FAQ page.
  • If you have a question about adding a name to the memorial the information is on the FAQ page.
  • The Webmaster has no current information on grave sites or locations of vets or families. All of the information we have is posted on the Wall USA

    If you need further assistance
    E Mail
    the Wall USA

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