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Tom  Gunning
Went to AIT and OCS with him
Memorial Day, 2013, and again I think of you and the man you were and the officer you became. I think of you every day and will never forget the short time we had together. I hope to see you some day when my time is called. There was an OCS reunion this month that I could not attend but I asked them to remember you along with all the other field artillery OCS graduates that died in Viet Nam. CAV forever.........OCS Class 19-70!!
May 27, 2013

Joe  Love
High School Friend and teammate
I lost three friends in Viet Nam, one of which was Lou. I was on the football team with Lou at Richardson High School. If I had played like him, I would have been a starter. If we all had played like him, we would have been state champs. I remember one day we were running two-on-one (double team) blocking drills, and another reserve and I were having a good go at blocking Lou. Our line coach called the head coach over to watch, as we were doing exactly what he was looking for. On the snap count we went at it again, but all of a sudden it was a totally different result. We did not move him an inch, and he broke between us. It seems his resolve went up a notch or two when it counted. On this Memorial Day, 2013, I salute you, Lou. It's been almost 50 years since we suited out together, but you will never be forgotten. LTC Joseph E. Love, USAF, Ret.
May 27, 2013

Tom  Gunning
Went to AIT and OCS with him
Memorial Day 2012 and again I come here to let you know you are not forgotten and that I miss you every day. I know your Dad passed away and I know you are with him now. I hope to see you both when I pass on! CAV forever!
May 28, 2012

David  Green
Was a student trainer at Texas Tech
6255 Briar Rose Drive Houston Texas 77057-3503 USA
A great competitor, a great soldier, a great human being
I was a studet trainer for the Red Raider football team while Lou played at Texas Tech, and I will always remember his great attitude, his all-out hustle and determination to succeed, and for his humor. He was not the most gifted athlete on the team, but his courage and determination made him a great player and the ultimate team player. I remember his play in the 1966 Arkansas game where he caught several balls which kept scoring drives alive and helped run out the clock as the Red Raiders beat the then # 2-ranked Razorbacks 20-16. I also remember the 'bullet' touchdown he caught against Baylor and a lot of other plays he made during his career. He was also a strong blocker and played full-speed from start to finish in every game. His warmth and sense of humor will always be remembered as will his laugh and his out-going personality. 'Just one of the guys' was and is a hero to all of us who knew him and admired Lou Breuer the player and Lou Breuer the human being. May he rest eternally in peace and may all of his catches result in touchdowns, wherever he plays. Sincerely, David T. Green Class of 1969, Texas Tech University.
Nov 14, 2011

Tom  Gunning
You are not Forgotten

Another Memorial Day (2011) and I again honor your life and your memory. I will never forget you and always remember the short time we had together. Heroes like you are what made our country great. I hope the next generations will remember your sacrifices. You CAV brother, forever!
May 30, 2011

Tom  Gunning
Served with him through AIT and OCS
Schertz TX 78154 USA
Memorial Day, 2010, and again I think of you and miss you. The world is a much sadder place without you. So many years since we were together but I remember you as if it were yesterday. Heroes like you are the reason we celebrate today. I know I will see you again! Always, my Cav brother!
May 31, 2010

Leonard (Bruce)  Shearer
Friend, fellow Cav., soldier
6367, West, Villa Rita Drive, Glendale, Arizona, 85308-1178, USA
You will always, be my Hero
Lt., Breuer, I can't believe, it is almost, 38, years, since we lost you. You always, seemed indestructable. You were such, a Man's man, larger than life. You were one, of the officers, that all us enlisted guys, looked up to. The Spring Offensive, of 1972, caught a lot of folks, off-guard, but not you. It always seemed, that you were, at your best, when things were, at their worst. The day you died, all, of us felt, more vunerable. Our hero, was gone. As long as I live, you will, not be forgotten. Target
Mar 15, 2010

davy  b
another brother
Kilgore, Tx.
Honoring the memory, of a patriot and hero. Thank you, for your dedication, courage and service, to our nation. May God bless and keep you. 'TO LIVE, IN THE HEARTS OF THOSE, YOU LEAVE BEHIND, IS NEVER TO DIE.' ~Robert Orr~ Rest in peace, Louis Karl Breuer, YOU. ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!
Mar 22, 2009

Mike  Bair
Sevrd with him, as fellow, AH1G, pilot
785, Chardoney Drive, Wadsworth, OH., 44281, USA
One, of The Good Guys
I served, in Vietnam, with Lou in (D, Troop, 3/5, Cavalry) from approximately October, 71, until March, 72. Lou was, a little larger than life, to me. He was, a kind and gentle guy, but an aggressive warrior. His smile, was something, to behold. There may, have been only one, other officer, in D, Troop, that loved combat flying, more than Lou - and that person, was Captain, Hugh Mills. Naturally, Lou began flying front seat, with Hugh and I recall, they flew a number, of missions together. At this point, I don't recall, whether he and I flew, a mission together, but I don't, think so. It was, a difficult time - a lot of doubts, about the war, a lot of turnoil, about the war, at home. A mission, to complete nevertheless. Lou and I, talked a lot, at night. He taught me, to mix hot tea, with Tang, which we often drank, in my hooch, while most of the others, were spending the evening, at the officers' club. His interest, in me and my family, was genuine and reflected, a level of maturity, beyond his years. I left the army, in March, of 72 and was in training, for my new job, with Michelin. On a Sunday, afternoon, that summer, during a sports broadcast, of some sort, I heard the announcement, that he had been, shot down and was dead. I cried - a lot. I would like, to have seen, Lou, achieve his full potential, in life... such a shame, that he had no opportunity, to show us the rest, of what he was, capable of - it, would have been, a great deal, indeed. Mike Bair
Jun 1, 2008

Thomas Gunning
Served with him, in the Army
12080, CR., 167, Tyler, TX., 75703, USA
Always, on my mind!
It's Memorial Day, 2007 and I still, think of you, always. Heroes like you, are the reason, we celebrate today. I hope, to see you, again, when I pass on, my brother!!
May 28, 2007

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