By: Jim Kitchens

I went to the Wall, to see what it would say,
I went to the Wall on the 20th day,
To say good by to old friends and kin,
The message I got screamed loud and clear.

The wind quieted as I saw the first name,
A cousin of mine, never seen, never heard,
A Brother in arms, of whom I felt close,
Other names yelled out; Why me; Why me.

The blood all gone; Strong bones; Straight limbs,
Mud dried, eyes sharp and clear,
Songs were sung; Smiles big and wide,
Now silent; Now still; I went to the Wall in October one day.

I reach out, and touched black marble so cold,
Names etched in white, so quiet and still,
Each one a man, no boys in here,
Each reaching out, wanting one more touch.

As I sat on the ground, my feeling let go,
Why am I here, while theyíre all in there,
Tears streamed free, as I traced the names of my kin,
Lord, why did I make it, why am I here?

My feelings are real. But canít be explained,
My wife and my child watch and try to console,
They canít know the depth of my tears,
Names, not just names, old friends, now in never land.

I walk away, still hearing the call,
The voices are loud, or is it the wind?
I look back once more; do I hear my name?
Being called in the wind; Why are you out there; Why am I in here?

Jim Kitchens

"I went to the Wall" © 2007
E Mail